How to watch The Chosen in another language

The Chosen is a series about that is very popular.  If you know someone who speaks a language other than English, you can pass on this information to them on how to watch The Chosen with foreign language subtitles or closed captions.

This is how to watch The Chosen in another language.

Click on Watch.

Scroll down.

Go to The CHOSEN.

Click on The CHOSEN.

There are several Seasons.

Each Season has several episodes or shows.

The shows go in order.

Start with Season 1 and Episode 1.

Then go to Season 1 and Episode 2.

You can go through all the episodes or shows in order.

Click on Season 1 and Show 1.

Scroll to the bottom right of the video.

You will see a translation icon.

Pick the language you want.

Watch the subtitles.

Please give this information to others.

Thank you.



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